Jan. 10th, 2008

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It seems that JetBlue recently changes their bookings policy - they used to only issue tickets for six months out from the current date. Luckily, I did find this out more then six months before a certain wedding has me on the east coast, but not soon enough to get convenient frequent flyer passes within a week of the 4th of July.

For the trip there, I'm compensating by flying a couple of days early; for the flight back, that really isn't an option. So instead, I am scheduled to fly for free from Boston to San Diego, and then have a $130 Southwest ticket to get me from San Diego to Oakland.
What I'm hoping for, though, is that once I get through security at Logan, the nice people at JetBlue will let me fly directly to Oakland instead, and the nice people at Southwest give me ~$100 credit towards my next flight on them.

In other news, if you have any interest in going to Flipside, you should run to the post office tomorrow for your money order - it's the last day of ticket sales! My probably-not-secret source says that the state of the current website reflects the general (lack of) organization (so far) this year, but I'm willing to put my time/energy/money on it still being a great event - and without any angst-inducing theme stupidity.

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