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I haven't updated in about forever.

I blame the kittens.

I mean, really, if you woke up like this in the morning, would you get up on time? And would you do anything but play with them in spare minutes?

And the latest is that not only am I waking up with them curled around me, but I'm also spending a part of the night convincing Dot that snuggling is good and suckling is bad - it's not the most restful sleep.

Other stuff that's been keeping me busy were a trip to Portland this past weekend, catching up with some of the local friends the week before, having [livejournal.com profile] contessagrrl and [livejournal.com profile] aroraborealis visit the week before that and [livejournal.com profile] kittypie visit before that. Whew.
Extra fun stuff included a prom party, a visit to the DeYoung, a part-of-boston-lives-here sort of party, a stroll for almost half of Bay to Breakers and seeing the current Midsummer Night's Dream production.

I'm now of the opinion that Portland is a great city to visit - how can it not be, with over 200 breweries within city limits and bloody mary as the unofficial city drink? And it didn't hurt that Dan's family's way of doing Sunday right included spending the early afternoon drinking bloody marys.

And now that May is almost over, it feels like I'm in the calm before the storm - only one set of major plans before the wedding-work-wedding whirlwind and 2 work-weeks with blank calendars. I'm sure I'll fix that, but it just seems so weird.

And, now you get a bonus kitten picture, just because, really, KITTENS!

(and some day I'll pause from playing with them long enough to take real-camera pics of them)
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