Jan. 27th, 2008

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It's been a pretty good weekend so far - if on the mellow side.

Friday night was spent decompressing from the hectic workweek and futzing around with my ipod. Yesterday included downtime, cooking time, cleaning time, clubbing time, watching tv time, brunch time and social time.

The downstairs bathroom is less of a wreck now and our bedroom is navigable again. Also, [livejournal.com profile] sol3 did some work on the kitchen, and that's in reasonable shape, too.

I threw together a stir fry that didn't come out as well as it could have, but it was edible and I do have leftovers for a couple of meals next week. And I'm still surprised by how well the Trader Joe's brown rice penne works.

[livejournal.com profile] sol3 and I popped into Surya Dub last night, and while his back ache kept us from closing out the night, it was definitely great to check out, and we'll most likely be back at some point. Huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bloodstones for pointing us in that direction.

After we got back from the club, we decided we weren't ready for bed and started watching The Tudors. I'm hoping that the first few episodes are just setting the story before settling into a groove, because if the show keeps up as it is, I doubt I'll keep watching it.

And after futzing around with the ipod to set up playlists, I now have hours of music in a format the "integration system" likes - yay to driving with good music!

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