May. 4th, 2008

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Cute overload: I have two kittens and a [ profile] sol3 sleeping snuggled up to me. How can I possibly be cleaning right now?!

The kittens have also discovered the big cat litterbox and the big cat food. I'm hoping to keep them on the babycat food for two more months, but if they keep going at this rate, I'll have them all eating all-ages food sooner then that.

The bad kitten news is that Dash has ringworm. We got a heads up that their local siblings got it, so it was less of a surprise when we saw that his dry skin spot became a bald spot, but it's still unpleasant. And the treatment involves bathing him in a sulfur solution, so now he smells like rotten eggs.

On a sign of how scattered [ profile] sol3 and I have been, it took us not being able to turn onto International at 1:30am last night to realize that the Cinco de Mayo celebration is today. Neither one of us has been up for wandering out into the madness.

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